December 21, 2009

Got the Holidays all wrapped up? Think again . . .

The holidays seem to be the time when people throw in the towel  in just about every area of life. We eat more, exercise less, spend more, ditch budgets, and even waste more than usual.

According to, 25 million tons more waste is created over the holiday period, than a typical period during the rest of the year (in the United States . . . there’s most likely a similar amount per capita here in Canada).¬† I don’t know about you, but that sounds like an awful lot to me!

Well, if you’d like to avoid contributing to massive amounts of holiday garbage, here are a few alternative ideas for wrapping up your Christmas gifts:

  1. Use cloth gift bags
  2. Invest in re-usable hard-sided gift boxes (one of my favs!)
  3. Re-purpose used materials that you already have around the house (newspapers, fabric)
  4. Hide gifts instead of wrapping them, and send the recipient on a treasure hunt
  5. Make re-usable gift tags for each family member

If you must purchase wrapping paper, keep these points in mind:

  1. Only purchase wrapping paper made from recycled materials
  2. Avoid papers that have non-recyclable content (glitter, metals, coatings)
  3. Save and re-use wrapping paper from year to year
  4. Go easy on other materials like ribbons, tape and other adornments

It’s the small changes that we make with consistency, that end up making the biggest, and most lasting,¬†difference! Wishing you and your family a blessed Christmas season.

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