March 21, 2010

Wide spread Condo Fire in SW Calgary leaves 400 Residents Homeless — Let’s Help!

I was devastated to learn of the huge fire in a Millrise condominium complex in SW Calgary on Thursday afternoon (March 18th). This is just a few neighborhoods away from where I live. The building has been deemed uninhabitable, and approximately 400 residents are now homeless (some reports say 300).

If there is any silver lining in such devastation, it is that most residents were not home at the time and there was no loss of life (including pets!). Small mercies . . .

But I still cannot imagine returning home at the end of my day to see my home billowing in clouds of black smoke. Home  . . . your safe haven from the world . . . now gone.

Homelessness is close to our hearts at GreenApple. I have fortunately never experienced it myself, but realize I have often taken having a home for granted.

I spend my days in other people’s homes. I talk about what says “home” to a buyer — who are people like you and me. And I help home owners transform their house into their vision of home. I live and breathe all the things that home means to people. I cannot imagine what it is like to not have a home.

GreenApple has committed a cash donation, as well as some household goods to the residents who have been affected by this terrible fire. Please join us in doing what we can — bit by bit together — to help these people in our Calgary community in a very tangible way.

Refer to this City of Calgary website for information on which organizations are handling the coordination of the Millrise donation efforts.


Did you know that when you use GreenApple’s Home Staging or Photography services, you are helping to support the homeless right here in Calgary? We give a portion of every project to local organizations that serve these deserving people in a dignified way.

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January 18, 2010

Let’s Give to the Relief Efforts in Haiti!

It has been nearly a week since the devastating earthquake in Haiti, which occurred on January 12, 2010. Measuring 7.0 on the Richter scale, and being just 10 km below the earth’s surface, marks this particular quake as one of the most catastrophic natural disasters in an already impoverished nation.

Today’s news continues with stories of hope. Rescue workers are still finding survivors amidst the rubble. I find that nothing short of amazing to think that people can survive for that length of time — probably injured, and without food or water . . . just waiting for someone to dig them out before they draw their last, weakened breath.

While there is that ray of light in this terrible situation, the bad news is still really bad! Death tolls are estimated to be between 50,000 and 100,000. Tens of thousands of more people are without even the simple homes they once knew.

At GreenApple Staging & Images, we have a particular soft spot for the homeless. While we help others to make their homes a place of beauty, or an appealing place to live, we remain conscious of the fact that there are many who do not have a single room to call their own.

Would you join us in donating to the relief efforts for the nation of Haiti? Here is a link to a special website set up by CBC that lists reputable organizations for us to direct our giving through. Let’s pause for a moment, looking around at all we have, and allow ourselves to be moved to do what we can to help those in a state of emergency and peril.

And remember that your donations will have twice the impact since the Canadian government has generously announced that it will match donations through the organizations linked to above! I don’t know about you, but I’m really proud to be Canadian!

In the meantime, let’s also keep these dear people in our hearts and in our prayers.

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