April 27, 2010

Are you Making the Biggest Home Selling Mistake with Your Property?

As a Calgary Home Stager, it’d be easy to talk about all the ways in which home sellers can improve the presentation and styling of their property. Face it . . . most of us just don’t live in that Show Home perfect world that buyers respond to best.

Although there are lots of missed opportunities where sellers could more readily connect with a buyer, this isn’t the biggest mistake that a home seller can make.

The biggest mistake is overpricing the home.

As I’ve said before, pricing a home is part art and part science. There are some very tangible ways to calculate those dollars and cents, and other less tangible factors that need to be taken into account.

However, for the vast majority of homes in Calgary, there is definitely a ceiling on each property. And once a seller prices above that ceiling, it is the quickest way to decrease the number of showings and put the few buyers who view the home on the offensive.

Many home sellers reason that the negotiations can begin when they receive an offer. However, that high price tag leads buyers to believe the seller will be unreasonable in the negotiating process, since they are unrealistic in the asking price.

Pricing a home over fair market value doesn’t guarantee a higher selling price. In fact, it often results in a lower one!

The cycle goes like this:

The home is priced too high —->

—-> Buyers are turned off and don’t view the property —->

—->The buyers who do come look for all the reasons why the property isn’t worth that top dollar (they get nit-picky fast!) —->

—->No . . . or only low . . . offers come in —->

—-> Time goes by —->

—-> The longer a property sits on the market, the more desperate the seller is perceived to be —->

—-> Leading to even lower offers.

Don’t be the seller that makes this mistake! Your best chance of selling quickly is to do your homework. Prepare, price properly, and then get the presentation polished!

Need help? We can refer one of the many great Agents that we work with. GreenApple also provides Pre-Market Consultations, giving you the advice you need so you can hit the market as the newest “hot property”.

You only get one chance to make a great first impression.

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March 23, 2010

Is Home Staging an Investment . . . or Just an Expense?

This is a question on many home sellers minds! Here in Calgary, I think the home selling market is just awakening to the concept of Home Staging.

Perhaps HGTV has does its part in spreading the word about Home Staging, but I think many home owners are still skeptical when it comes to laying down some of their hard earned cash. Especially when it’s a home they want to sell — not invest in further.

I don’t blame these home owners and sellers — I don’t like parting with money that needn’t be spent, either!

The reality, though, is that home buying has changed. Buyer’s expectations have been elevated by all those TV shows, and home decor magazines and show homes . . . and even your home selling competition.

Everybody has to work a little harder to sell a house than before, and when the house down the street does a mini facelift, you need to compete with that, too. A buyer is looking at both properties — not just yours.

The general rule of thumb is that a seller should invest up to 1% of their home’s value getting it ready for sale. This includes any deferred home maintenance, some painting, pre-packing and decluttering . . . and then styling or staging to create an inviting presentation.

So, for an average home of $400,000, that’s $4,000 to get it ready to sell.  That sounds like a lot!

But consider the alternative . . . you choose not to spend anything in preparing your home.

Scenario A

A buyer comes along, they are somewhat interested. The house meets most of their needs, but they hum and haw a little. They just don’t love it. They finally decide to put in an offer, but they start at $353,000. They’re not in love, so they don’t want to pay top dollar.

Offers and counter-offers go back and forth. It’s at $369,000 and they say that’s it. They aren’t going to pay another dime. Since they don’t love it, they are willing to risk losing the deal.

Scenario B

Your home goes on the market. You have a fair number of showings, but after the first couple of weeks, the numbers start to dwindle. Weeks turn into months, and now you’re just sick and tired of the whole process. Your Agent recommends reducing the price to attract more attention.

The typical first price reduction is close to 10%. So now you’re asking price is $364,000. Traffic to your property does increase, but after being on the market for a few months, buyers still think there’s a deal to be had. An offer comes in for $349,000.

That $4,000 doesn’t sound like so much anymore!

The Calgary Real Estate Board says that, “Studies show the longer a property stays on the market, the less the seller will net.”

Your best bet to hooking a buyer, especially in a slightly tougher market, is to engage them with the property. Make them fall in love! This is what Home Staging and Property Styling can do for you.

And for a typical $400,000 vacant home, the cost is a lot closer to 0.5%. For an occupied home that just needs that Wow Factor, it’s likely even less.

The 2009 Home Gain survey shows that Home Staging has a 586% return on investment when selling your home!

What I’ve learned myself as a home seller, is that the difference between that $400,000 home selling for $375,000 and $390,000 is how much the buyer wants it . . . and how urgently they feel they need to act.

The astute home seller takes advantage of this buying psychology. Making a short-term investment before going on the market is the surest way to be off of it more quickly.

March 9, 2010

Home Staging Helps SW Calgary Home Sell in 2 Days!

GreenApple Staging & Images recently had the privilege of staging this 92 year old home near downtown Calgary. The task had its challenges . . . odd paint colours, an unusual kitchen, and a rear addition. My plan of attack? Neutralize the living room with black and white, and go with the rest of it!

Both us and the Realtors were pleased with the results, but the real test would be how a potential home buyer votes via an offer!

We were all thrilled that they loved it and the house sold in the first two days on the market.

If you are thinking of selling your home, give us a call. Our professional real estate photography and home staging services have a proven track record in helping Calgary homes sell.

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November 22, 2009

Who values Updated Decor more when buying a Home? Women . . . or Men?

Surprising results were found in Royal LePage’s House Staging Poll (2006). While 36% of home buyers said that they would be willing to pay a premium for a home with an updated decor, it was the men who favored this feature more strongly! Forty-one percent of men said it was an important feature, while only 30% of women said updated decor made a home worth more money to them.

Doesn’t that go against every preconceived notion we might have had about a home buying couple?!

It causes me to ask why would this be so? If most men are like my Hubby, they admit that they just don’t have a clue about what goes with what.

But maybe that’s it! Perhaps more men value purchasing a home that is already “decorated”, precisely because they feel incapable of doing it themselves.

While the Poll didn’t get into the why’s of the results, senior manager of Royal LePage Services, Diane Usher, did say . . . 

“A contemporary and minimalist space with neutral coloured walls and a limited number of personal items appeals to most buyers and ensures the best results when selling a home.”

Both genders agreed that they would far rather spend more money on a home that was move-in ready, than to purchase a lower priced home that required updating and renovating. A full 63% of today’s home buyers would rather spend their money . . . than their time.

What does this mean to home sellers?

If we want to maximize the value in our homes, we need to be willing to go that extra mile to prepare it for sale. Not sure where to start? Ask about one of our Staging Consultations to get you started on the right track.

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