May 20, 2010

Home Staging — More than just a Quick Sale

Of course we know moving is stressful, but it is also bittersweet — even at the best of times.

I recently staged a home for a family that had outgrown their two bedroom character home.  Although they had a beautiful newly renovated home to move into, saying goodbye to their previous property — and all the memories they had made there — was still tough.

When the homeowner returned to the property after our staging, she was pleasantly surprised for more than one reason.  Not only did she love the way we arranged the furniture and added accessories, she was amazed at how much easier it was to move on.  Here is what she said to us:

The photos and slideshow look really great. I love that the second bedroom could be a kid’s room/could be a guest room/could be a den or office. The master bedroom looks HUGE, the main floor is warm and inviting. Your simple, comfortable furniture placement in all the rooms really allows a person to imagine their own interpretation of each space. I guess that’s the whole point of hiring a professional. 🙂 

 I never thought I’d be able to say I am excited to sell our little house but your transformation actually has me looking forward to moving on rather than just feeling sad to go. Turning it into a ‘house for sale’ instead of ‘MY house’ has really helped me say goodbye.  Who would have thought that staging the place could help with the emotional part of moving and selling!

At GreenApple, we thrive on being able to make a difference in people’s lives during these emotional transitions.  And we’re even happier with when we receive the good news that an offer has been accepted within the first few days on the market, as was the case for these homeowners.

If you’re approaching in upcoming move with mixed emotions, give us a call!  Let us share some of the burden and help write your own home selling success story.