November 22, 2009

Who values Updated Decor more when buying a Home? Women . . . or Men?

Surprising results were found in Royal LePage’s House Staging Poll (2006). While 36% of home buyers said that they would be willing to pay a premium for a home with an updated decor, it was the men who favored this feature more strongly! Forty-one percent of men said it was an important feature, while only 30% of women said updated decor made a home worth more money to them.

Doesn’t that go against every preconceived notion we might have had about a home buying couple?!

It causes me to ask why would this be so? If most men are like my Hubby, they admit that they just don’t have a clue about what goes with what.

But maybe that’s it! Perhaps more men value purchasing a home that is already “decorated”, precisely because they feel incapable of doing it themselves.

While the Poll didn’t get into the why’s of the results, senior manager of Royal LePage Services, Diane Usher, did say . . . 

“A contemporary and minimalist space with neutral coloured walls and a limited number of personal items appeals to most buyers and ensures the best results when selling a home.”

Both genders agreed that they would far rather spend more money on a home that was move-in ready, than to purchase a lower priced home that required updating and renovating. A full 63% of today’s home buyers would rather spend their money . . . than their time.

What does this mean to home sellers?

If we want to maximize the value in our homes, we need to be willing to go that extra mile to prepare it for sale. Not sure where to start? Ask about one of our Staging Consultations to get you started on the right track.

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We’ve done a little Re-Designing of our own!

They say form follows function.

As true as this is in our homes, it also applies to our virtual home! GreenApple’s business has grown and become more refined. So . . . changes to our website were needed in order to keep up with our most popular services.

Our photography has captured a lot of interest, setting new standards in Calgary’s world of Real Estate Photography. We hope you enjoy our bigger and better photographic images, and our expanded Portfolio Galleries.

Visitors to our site can now also view the multimedia slideshows that we create as part of every real estate photography package that we do. We have a new Client Gallery section that tracks the active and sold listings for each Realtor and property that we have recently worked with.

Feel free to take your time browsing samples of both our photography and staging in these new gallery pages!

And we’re blogging!

Check back often for tips, advice and discussion on:

  • home selling
  • home improvement
  • home maintenance
  • photography for fun
  • green living
  • and other related topics

Every once in awhile, we’ll break form and chat about whatever else is happening out there. Afterall, these things are important and interesting, too.

No one likes a one-sided conversation, so we look forward to your comments and participation. Let us know what you think, or what your questions are.

Welcome to GreenApple’s newest version of our website, and thank you for visiting.

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